Who is CivilianDogs

We want to welcome everyone back to our website, as you can tell the old site has been scrapped and unfortunately all of the content got wiped out as well.  We were forced to move to a new website builder which meant we had to start from scratch.  Regardless, we'll have much of the content back up, with the exception of the News links and commentary.  There were literally, hundreds of articles and commentary, which would be impossible to re-create. 

We started this site to primarily be source for those that might be new to carrying concealed as well as a place to find news about the political arguments surrounding the 2nd Amendment.  I really wanted to reach those that are considering the purchase of their first gun or aren't familiar with the AR / AK platforms (or other Evil Assault Weapons) and want to understand how they fit into our society.  I'm not a veteran (Thank You to those that are) or a Law Enforcement Officer (LEO), I'm just a normal, professional in the Medical field who has a passion for guns and being a "Good Guy with a Gun" if the situation calls for it.  We recognize the significance of our country to the world (and to history) and our freedoms that are guaranteed by the founding documents that truly make this experiment a bastion for all people that want that freedom in their lives.  No matter what side of the political spectrum you stand, we can all agree that because our country is so great, people will literally risk their lives to get here.  Of that, there should be no debate.   

We also believe that there are many people (Both Men and Women) out there looking for someone to help guide them through some of the decisions that have to be made when moving into the world of  guns.  If you just look at the vast majority of gun haters in the news, you can tell by the In fact, I spent a lot of money on items that I ultimately don't use, and I would have loved to have a friend walk that path of buying the right type of gear or gun.  Most of my experience came from trial and error, which is a great learning experience, but arguably not the easiest or cost conscience.